Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Happy New Year - Love to Pray begins

I have always found that a holiday on Monday puts me behind for the rest of the week. It was great to be lazy all day on New Years Day, but I have yet to get caught up. That’s not really the pattern I wanted to establish going into 2007, but it’s what I have to work with and it will have to do. I can begin a new pattern next week.

Speaking of new endeavors, I am excited about what we will encounter as a congregation going through the Love to Pray study. I have talked briefly with Nettie Young about her experience. Among other things, it was her testimony of what the study has meant in her life that prompted your staff to examine the material and choose to lead the church through it. I didn’t start the study as early as Blake did (as a matter of fact, I’m only in week one right now … so I’ll only be slightly ahead of the congregation as a whole as we go through it).

I have not yet encountered anything that I haven’t seen or heard before, but some of what I have encountered is truths that needed to be repeated in my heart and life. I don’t expect to encounter much new, but I do expect to encounter God in the study … and I expect to encounter Him in new ways that will make a profound difference in my life.

If you are not already actively involved in a Sunday morning Bible Study class (some of us are on roll in a class but don’t attend frequently), please make the effort to link up. If your Sunday morning responsibilities prevent your doing that, there will be at least one Sunday evening session offered that covers the same material as the classes do on Sunday morning. Even if you can do nothing else, by all means get the book and go through the daily quiet time study. Here’s a nugget from day 2:

If prayer starts with God, then the first order of business as we learn to pray is to learn to listen to God’s whispers, to tune our hearts to him, to respond to his promptings. Perhaps the first prayer of each day should be “Lord, teach me to pray. Help me to understand Your purposes, to feel Your burdens, to see what You see, to hear the groans You hear, so that my prayers may be pleasing to You and may accomplish Your purposes.” (Love to Pray, p.

That’s enough to think about for now.


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