Monday, November 12, 2007

I'm frustrated by this

2 weeks ago, after having wanted one for a long, long time, I finally was able to purchase an iPod. I pondered and pondered before finally deciding on an refurbished 8gigabyte 2nd generation nano (available from the online Apple Store outlet for the same price as a 4gigabyte 3rd generation nano). It finally came and I had it for a total of 5 days inclusive when it disappeared from my office this past Wednesday evening.

I will admit that I left my office door unlocked while I went to supper and led worship in our Wednesday evening service. The lovely wife gave me the "when will you ever learn" and I joined in the kick the idiot contest (I think I probably won ... I usually do). During the time in question, a children's choir was rehearsing in the choir room right outside my office, and after that missions groups for teenage girls were meeting in the classrooms right around the corner.

I admit that an iPod nano is easy to misplace because it's so small ... and I have a proven track record in being good at misplacing stuff ... but I suspect that I had some help misplacing my iPod. If I'm right, I really don't care who helped me misplace it. I just want it back. I can't afford to buy another one. The only way I afforded this one was to win in a drawing for an iPhone that one of the exhibitors at the Catalyst Conference was giving away.

In the past 12 months I've had a wonderful guitar stolen ... and I brand new iPod disappeared. I'm bummed in a major way.


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