Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Some Insights from Catalyst 2008 - Part 1

Many are aware that I spent Thursday and part of Friday last week at the Catalyst Conference. We were at the first one in 2000 and have not missed one since. Rarely will one see and hear as many gifted leaders and speakers in one place in such a short period of time. I have likened it to drinking from a fire hose. I take some notes, but not as frantically as in years past because we also get the recordings of the speakers in order to refresh our memories. I need the CDs also because I leave at noon to get back in time to work in support of the CHS band, therefore missing at least 3 speakers.

I heard Craig Groeschel for the first time last year when he challenged us to stop living our lives as if we were responsible in our own power for what God wants to do in our churches. This year his message theme was “Finding IT When You’ve Lost IT.” His scripture focus was Joel 2:12-13. What is IT? It’s almost a “you’ll know IT when you experience IT” kind of definition … but here are some things that are true about IT.
  • God makes IT happen.
  • We cannot create IT.
  • IT is not a model.
  • IT has an upside – it changes lives.
  • IT has a downside – it attracts critics.
  • Those who have IT have no guarantee of keeping IT.
  • Those who don’t have IT can get IT.
  • If you don’t know what IT is, you probably never had IT.
  • The enemy is plotting to take IT away from anyone who has IT.
  • IT is NOT about technology, style, or musical instruments.
When you have lost IT, it will take something drastic in order to get IT back … because if something simple would do, you would have done it already. So our prayer needs to be.

  • God, stretch me. (There is more in you than you think).
  • God, heal me. (from addictions to people pleasing, progress, work, adrenaline, narcissism, appearances, eating, behaviors, music …)
  • God, ruin me. Break my heart with the things that break Your heart. (This one is actually the place to start but sometimes we can’t get there until we’ve wrestled with the other two. )
That’s enough to think about for now. The peace of Christ to you.


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