Thursday, March 18, 2010

As Grain on Scattered Hillsides

Last week I attended the premiere for the Celebrating Grace hymnal. I love looking through new hymnals (and older ones that are just new to me) to find new (or just new to me) texts. Well written devotional poetry set to music touches me and enriches my faith. Consider this “new” hymn by Ruth Duck.
As Grain on Scattered Hillsides
© 1992 GIA Publications, Inc. Used by permission. CCLI No. 1357134

As grain on scattered hillsides, when gathered, makes one bread,

God, gather all your people as one in Christ our head.
We come from many places, and we are not the same,
Yet your strong love has called us to meet in Jesus’ name.

A grain of wheat is fruitless until in earth it lies;
Then, dying to its old life, it bears and multiplies.
So may we die to hatred, to all our hurtful ways,
Reborn to common living, to love, to work, to praise.

Like yeast that brings new ferment so lifeless dough may rise,
Your Spirit is the leaven of life that satisfies.
As salt enhances flavor, enriches, and preserves,
May earth rejoice to savor a church that heals and serves.

O Christ, our risen Savior; O Spirit, holy dove,
Come now and move among us; make us a sign of love.
Come, knead and blend each texture with strong and gentle hands,
That we may be one body, one loaf in many lands.
I’m not a particularly good poet, but my wife gave birth to one, and I can recognize good poetry in a heartbeat. This is good stuff, full of healthy thoughts for us as the people of God. Let these truths burn deep into your soul.

That’s enough to think about for now. The peace of Christ to you.


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