Tuesday, October 04, 2011

Words of Wisdom from The Daily Office - Part 4

Readers of my blog may be aware that I try to write a half-page column every week for my Wednesday evening rehearsal(s).  I'm aware that only a small percentage of my choir actually reads them.  Their available time is as limited as anyone's.  Most of the month of August I was in my hometown at my Dad's bedside in the hospital as he traveled the last few days of his journey through life.  I was blessed to have people filling in for me at church giving me the freedom to receive the blessing of having that time with Dad.  I was able to plan the rehearsal and write the column for the second Wednesday that I was away.  This entry is from that rehearsal on August 10.  I'm gradually catching up with getting them uploaded to the blog.  I could do them all in about 10 minutes, but I like the idea of something new every few days better.  That's how I would want to read it if I were following the blog.  To my one blog follower:  I don't even know you, but thanks.

The past few days have been anything but boring for me. I can’t tell you how much your prayers and words of encouragement that have been passed along to me mean. Long story short with Dad … nothing is headed in any direction quickly, and his condition keeps sending very mixed messages concerning prognosis. A setback in one area will have us concerned that the end might be near, then 10 minutes later he will respond better to physical therapy than he has the two previous days (that’s just a for instance from this morning). As far as prognosis, it’s anybody’s guess. He could last weeks to months like this, or he could take a turn suddenly and be gone in a few hours. What we do know is that he will not again be healthy enough for anything other than a full nursing care facility.

Mom and the sisters have mentioned concern that all this weight is on me, but I am holding up fine (except for a little loneliness at the house between supper and bedtime). One thing that I think is going on is that the discipline of following Peter Scazzero’s The Daily Office has given me a grounding that has enabled me to bear up under the load. It really doesn’t feel like a burden at all. It’s just what I need to do right now.
In addition to the above, I am deeply blessed with a wife and sons who have taken up the slack at home (and some at church) in order to enable me to be here looking after Mom and Dad. Added to that blessing is a church family that has blessed my presence here in such wonderful way. Words fail to express how deeply moved I am to be the recipient of such grace.

From The Daily Office, a quote from Chaim Potok:
“One learns of the pain of others by suffering one’s own pain, by turning inside oneself, buy finding one’s own soul. And it is important to know of pain. It destroys our self-pride, our arrogance, and our indifference toward others. It makes us aware of how frail and tiny we are and of how much we must depend upon the Master of the Universe.”

That’s enough to think about for now. The peace of Christ to you.


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