Tuesday, June 19, 2012

I usually don't write blog posts into the blogger interface.  My blog posts are usually what I have written for my Wednesday evening choir rehearsals, uploaded, checked for text formatting issues (making sure the text that was in italics, or bold, etc. in the original gets treated the same way in the blog upload), with occasional additional stuff that I may not have had room for in the half-page format my rehearsal handout allows. 

As I was beginning this process of getting caught up on my blog uploads, amid the cell phone interruptions -- some church-related, some personal, some both -- I discovered that I haven't uploaded anything since January.  I have an errand to run quickly now, so there will be no uploading yet (unless I dropbox everything and deal with it at home this evening).

Anyhow, I hope the one follower of my blog will forgive the unintentional hiatus.  Blog uploads will resume (and in playing catch-up I will be posting several per week).

Grace and peace,



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