Friday, June 30, 2006

But I was using that box!

A frustrating thing happened over the weekend. We have small 1/2" binders for our worship leadership team for our 8:30 worship service. In order to keep them organized and transport them from the music library/choir room to the sanctuary I use the box the local office supply store delivered them in. When the binders arrived at the church office, the secretary wrote my name on the box in great big letters with a red marker. In my thinking, that kind of indentifies it as clearly belonging to my area of ministry.

There is room in that box for all of the binders and for a few other things that may be needed for our 8:30 service leadership team. It's just big enough without being too big. In short, it's perfect for what we use it for. After the morning worship service, the team members return the binders to the box so that we always know where they are. It's a good system and it serves us very well.

Sunday afternoon I needed my binder for a couple of songs for our church-wide fellowship. I looked for the box where I had put it after the early service (I had not gotten to put it back in the choir room because I ended up having to move a lot of other things by myself). When I looked for the box, it was not there. Everything in it had been unceremoniously dumped out and the box had been taken ... purloined ... absconded with.

I found my binder and was able to get what I needed for the church-wide fellowship, but I still need that box for moving the binders and a few other odds and ends the few yards between the music suite and the sanctuary. I went to the office supply store this morning to see if they had another one. They did, but it was for 1" binders, so it's really too big to serve as well as the other one did.

I have other boxes that may have done just as well if not better for what the person who commandeered my box needed. I would be more than happy to work out an exchange. I know it's silly to get so worked up about something so trivial as a cardboard box ... but I'm a little worked up. This blog post is an attempt to let off some of the steam without hurting anyone's feelings. I hate frustration (do you know anyone who likes it?), but I'm there. I want my box back. I don't care who took it and I probably wouldn't understand why they thought it was OK to do so; I just want it back.


Blogger JATB said...

Is this kind of like "Who Moved My Cheese?" :-)

12:57 PM  
Blogger JATB said...

Is this kind of like "Who Moved My Cheese?" :-)

12:58 PM  
Blogger Morris said...

Nope. No leadership lessons to be learned in this story.

3:32 PM  

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