Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Interesting poem

Since today's Musings I printed for my rehearsals contained nothing but a couple of cartoons that we have permission from the NewsletterNewsletter to print for the church and probably don't have permission to present in a blog, today I would not ordinarily have anything. But, as Providence would have it, I stumbled on a poem by another blogger that I found quite interesting. We celebrate Communion this Sunday morning, or as we Baptists are wont to call it, The Lord's Supper. Sometimes I take a minute or two to randomly read other blogs. I found a poem on Communion entitled "Table of Mimes" at (May 22nd entry). Worthy theological perspective taking into account the letters of Paul on the subject.

I won't say "Enjoy it," but rather "Allow it to reorient your thinking." Good stuff.


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