Sunday, August 05, 2007

Political-speak: all is not always as it seems

If you follow the links on my blog, you'll find that my friend Charles ( can be rather outspoken on his opinion of our current president. I link to his blog not because I agree with him on current national politics, but because he is a friend of mine. Whenever I contemplate matters of national politics, it is not long before I thank God that He has not called me to that sphere. Local church relationships are quite political enough for me, thank you very much.

Some accuse one news organization (Fox) of being quite unbalanced toward the right ... conservative talkers (e.g. Limbaugh) accuse the majority of national media organizations of being in the pocket of the left. Noticing a marked contrast between the way the BBC reports on the Iraq war in comparison to the way NPR tends to report on the same events, I found it quite refreshing to hear Ted Koppel say this a few weeks ago:

As we listen to the candidates talk about the war, we need to be aware that what we think they say may not always be exactly what they mean.


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