Friday, November 23, 2007

A little perspective on Thanksgiving

Two things came to my attention in the past several days that have helped to clarify a perspective on Thanksgiving for me.

On Monday evening the boys went "Turkey Gobblin'" with the Youth Group. People donate turkeys to the Youth Group that they then randomly distribute in areas of our community known to struggle with poverty issues. Some of the addresses are know ahead of time, but not all. It's a "random acts of kindness" thing. My children told two stories from the event:

At one address, the woman was grateful for the gesture, but couldn't accept the turkey because her power was off and she had no way of storing or cooking the turkey. Her husband left her a few weeks ago and she has little or no means to earn an income to pay for utilities. Happy Thanksgiving indeed.

At another address, the crew was delivering the very last turkey they had. The woman of the house then asked if they had another turkey that she could give to a relative who was visiting but would be going home to prepare her own Thanksgiving meal. When the team replied that that was the last one they had, she slammed the door in their face. Happy Thanksgiving indeed.

As we were getting ready to put our turkey in the oven, it became apparent that we didn't have a baking dish large enough for the 12 pound bird. I decided to go to the church to borrow one from the church kitchen. On the way to the church, I noticed that Bi-Lo was open, so I stopped there to get one of the aluminum foil roasters instead (and to pick up something the lovely wife needed to complete the sweet potato casserole). When the cashier wished me a happy Thanksgiving, I asked her if she would get to spend any part of the day with her family. She replied that after she finished there, she had to go to work (e.g.: to another job). Working 2 jobs on Thanksgiving Day to provide for her family ... I hope those for whom she is providing sit up and take notice.

Those two (or three) brief stories have been in the front of my mind periodically throughout the past 24+ hours. Draw your own conclusions ... but conclusions must be drawn.




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