Monday, July 28, 2008

Ya Gotta Love This Guy

Charles and I were acquantances at Seminary back in the 1980's. I say acquaintances because I don't remember having any academic courses with him since he was a class or two in front of me, but we sang together in the Men's Choir the year we did Aida with the Kentucky Opera. Dr. Turner directed the Men's Choir and was also the choral director for the Kentucky Opera. Turner recruited the entire Men's Choir (along with some of the Kentucky Opera Chorus men) to sing the role(s) of the priests of Phtah. Anyway ... that's how Charles and I came to know each other. He's got a delightfully quick wit, a keen mind, and a deep love for Christ and His church. While we were in rehearsals in the weeks before the performances, he made the hours we spent in the green room waiting for our cues much more enjoyable than they otherwise would have been.

A couple of years ago I discovered his blog and reconnected with him via the internet. He blogs at:

If you look at my previous blog entry, you will see that I attempted a light-hearted dig at my friend. It's not the first time it has happened (and it will not be the last), but I have been royally outclassed. In response to my little dig, Charles looked back at his own blog entries, analyzed the content, and blogged about it. He took no offense from my dig (or at least I detected none from his blog entry), but graciously and objectively responded to my critique. People, this is how a Christian gentleman does things. This is what Christ-like character looks like. And this is why I try to associate with people of such character. Charles, I doff my hat to you, my friend.

Now, I still maintain that I'd rather read Charles's blogs that are more about ministry-related issues and less about what is going on in the political arena, but that's just my personal preference ... nothing more, nothing less. I also accept his explanation that -- especially where his more political blogs call attention to issues of justice -- they are indeed about theology ... theology with skin on, if you will.

And that's all I have to say about that.


Blogger Charles R said...

I wish we could put away a pot of coffee together. Maybe we can sometime.

My daughter is getting ready to start her second year at Newberry College in a couple weeks. She still won't have a car so she relies on others to get around...including church. I'd love it if she could get up to Clinton sometime.

2:04 PM  

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