Thursday, August 05, 2010

There's More Than We Know

This past Sunday was our 23rd wedding anniversary. So I did something I very rarely do … I took the day off. I planned to tell the lovely wife on Saturday that I wanted her to pack her bags for a simple overnight hotel stay and that she’d know where it was when we got there. It had to be nearby because the last performance of “Breaking Up Is Hard to Do” was Saturday night, and it would have been bad form to have ditched the cast party afterward.

On Saturday afternoon, we decided that since the stick boy (age 16) had to speak in both services and the 11-week-old puppy still needs constant supervision, it would be best for us to just have a relaxed Sunday morning (instead of me getting up at my usual 5:30am) and head out for the day. So my grandiose plans were demoted to run-of-the-mill status. The thing that really mattered to me was to spend the day giving my undivided attention to the woman who has put up with me and my relational cluelessness for 23 years of marriage (and the strange courtship that preceded it). So we looked after the dogs and made sure both boys could get ready on time to do what they needed to do, and then we set out to spend the day in downtown Asheville.

We had never been to downtown Asheville before, but we had heard that it was a pretty neat place to go … and we were not disappointed. We got there around noon, and started to scout the area to figure out where we should eat lunch and making plans for what shops seemed worth looking in after lunch. There were street musicians everywhere we turned. Some were quite good; others … well … bless their hearts.  We saw one pathetic violin player in front of Malaprop’s Bookstore before we went to lunch at the Tupelo Honey Café (well worth the one hour wait). We went back by there after lunch and heard the same screechy sound only to find that it was a different guy playing just as pathetically. We decided that Malaprop’s must be the place of choice for sketchy violinists.

We spent the rest of the afternoon walking around looking in the shops (I found Dawn a pair of dachshund earrings in one shop), then stopped in Kilwin’s for an afternoon ice-cream before heading to the car to come back home. On the way out we discovered that we had missed a huge section of the downtown market area. We had made a quick circuit of the area we saw before lunch, then after lunch that’s where we stayed. We hadn’t picked up a map until we were just about ready to go home, so all we had seen was all we thought there was. But we were wrong, and by the time we had discovered that we were wrong, most of the shops were closing.

I got to thinking about that and realized that sometimes we’re that way about spiritual matters as well. That’s enough to think about for now. The peace of Christ to you.


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