Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Pronunciation rant

The word is "strength," not "strenth." It has a g in it for a reason. Do not ignore the g ... especially if you're in the business of speaking on television.
I thought it was just a local mispronunciation of the word that got on my nerves until I heard a national broadcaster mispronounce the same word as I was watching the olympics last night.

And while I'm at it, I'm dismayed at the information I learned from a schoolteacher a couple of weeks ago that a speech therapist in our state cannot correct a child who says "skraight" instead of "straight," or "aks" instead of "ask," or "skrawberry" instead of "strawberry" and similar mispronunciations because they are considered dialectic variants rather wrong pronunciations (which is what they are). Is it any wonder that our children have trouble spelling words they don't pronounce properly?

Enough said. I wish it made me feel better.


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