Thursday, May 17, 2007

Thank You, Youth Choir

I covet your prayers as I travel with the Science Olympiad team to compete in nationals at Wichita State. Last Sunday the Youth Choir led a significant portion of the 11:00 worship service. It was the last hurrah for the 2006-07 edition of the FBC Youth Choir and I’m really going to miss their music. Leading our Youth Choir is one of the brightest spots in my work here at FBC.

This morning I got an e-mail from N. Y. expressing her appreciation for their ministry. Let me share it with you:
Hi Morris,
Sunday's Youth choir performance was outstanding. I wonder how many adult choirs and adult praise teams they will bless in the future! Your hard work together with their commitment have surely borne fruit to God's glory. I hope you felt the joy that those of us in the congregation experienced. I believe God's heart rejoiced as ours did. Thank you for the good job you are doing with both Youth and Adults.
Love you, N.
I share N’s enthusiasm for what God will do in the future in and through the lives of our teenagers. Without the commitment of our teenagers (and their parents) to Youth Choir, the hard work would have simply resulted in frustration. Their talent and hard work, combined with their commitment, brought joy to the hearts of others … to God’s glory.

Great youth choirs are built, in part, on children’s choirs. This Sunday evening our Children’s Choirs lead us in worship. Whenever I listen to our children learning on Wednesday evenings, I am excited about their future singing in Youth Choir. I think about God’s truth being planted in their hearts and the ways in which God will use them to bring His joy to the hearts of others. How awesome to be involved in something like that! That’s enough to think about for now.


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