Thursday, April 10, 2008

Will You Come and Follow Me

On Sunday afternoon April 6th, the lovely wife, the toothpick and I embarked on an interesting adventure: The 5 colleges in 5 states in 4 days tour. On Monday we looked at the University of the Cumberlands in Williamsburg, KY and Carson-Newman College in Jefferson City, TN. On Tuesday we took in Samford University (our alma mater) in Birmingham, AL. Wednesday saw us in Macon, GA for a look at Mercer. Thursday (today as I'm writing this) will take us to Anderson University in Anderson, SC. We spent last night at home, thankful for our own beds.

On Tuesday we were able to visit briefly with a couple of our former professors. There were more that we wanted to see, but their schedules did not allow it. We actually wanted to visit longer with everyone we saw, but our schedule did not allow that either. We got to sit down with Paul Richardson (my seminary voice prof and main mentor in Louisville who moved to Samford a couple of years after I graduated SBTS) for about 10 minutes. During that brief visit, he gave me a worship resource book (a collection of hymns, prayers, litanies, and readings for worship) that he compiled and edited for the Samford community. Knowing that it would be rich in content, I began poring over it as we awaited our admissions interview. The first hymn in the collection grabbed me by the heart (as good writing should), and I wanted to share it with my small blog readership. I found the 4th stanza particularly moving because of some of my own personal struggles.

I have not published the text because I don't own copyright, but I found the text on someone else's blog (click on this link or on the title of this blog entry to get there). I pray that you find it as meaningful in your pilgrimage as I am finding it in mine.

The peace of Christ to you.


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