Thursday, September 13, 2007

Lord, This Is Your Service

Early on in our relationship, the lovely wife told me that she thought I might pay more attention to her if she had words printed all over herself. I have always been known to have an almost insatiable appetite for reading. Because I publish the Musings in a blog, I have come into contact with a number of other blogs. I find it hard to connect well with long blogs with a lot of content. I like them to be about the length of my Musings. A little longer is OK, but not a whole lot. I just don’t have time.

The blog entries at are usually short enough that I can take them in quickly, digest them, then move on with my daily tasks. Last week I saw an entry that connected me to, the web site of Dwayne Moore (a college classmate of mine). Dwayne has always had a huge passion for God and His word. Out of that passion, he has developed and published a study on worship and made some companion resources available for free via the web site.

One of those free resources is a worship planning guide that is designed to focus the thoughts of those of us who are “in charge” of planning and leading worship. I thought them worthy of sharing:

    1. Prayer: “Lord, this is Your service. How can we bless You?”
    2. Planned Spontaneity: “Lord, this is Your service. What do You want us to do?”
    3. Pliability: “Lord, this is Your service. Feel free to interrupt us.”
    4. Power of the Spirit: “Lord, this is Your service. You flow through us.”
    5. Pastoral Direction: “Lord, this is Your service. We submit to Your overseers.”

I encourage you to go to and explore the whole planning guide and the other things that are available. “Lord, this is Your service” focuses our attention in a completely different direction than, “Do I like what we’re doing this morning?” Worship belongs to God, and He alone has the right to decide what brings joy to His heart.

That’s enough to think about for now.


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